Summer 2015 & Fall 2015 TSG Newsletter. Click here to view. Updated 4/9/2015
This is a brochure about the Electrical Systems Training Program. This brochure provides insight to this program and list classes and course topics. Click here to view the full brochure.
Electrical Systems Brochure
Nuts and Bolts Training
The fundamental goal of management is to get people to accomplish goals that improve the mission of the organization. Click here to view the full brochure on the Nuts and Bolts Training provided by The Solutions Group.
The Solutions Group's history is explained in this brochure. Click here to view the full brochure.
TSG history brochure
Title: Retention Reality Check Author: Tom Floria This is a summary of an article in Training magazine. This summary is written by The Solutions Group's Director, Tom Floria. In the summary it reviews five key drivers of employee satisfaction   Click here to read the full article.
This article is on the Group 1 Interns. Click here to view more information about their accomplishments.
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